EmotionalGirl Media specializes in unique, personal, short form video profiles for artists, small businesses, Makers and other creatives.  We are fascinated by Process and by people who are passionate about their work. Our profiles are based on the 3 C's, Conceptualization, Craft and Clientele:  the Why, How and For Whom our subjects do what they do.  Our videos are geared to web and social media marketing that comes from the heart.  EmotionalGirl's unique video vignettes strive to raise the level of artistry for content marketing, while capturing the spirit of our subjects and revealing the beauty of their creative process.

Sue Levy, founder of EmotionalGirl Media, derives her satisfaction from crafting pieces that help creative people communicate authentically.  Sue has worked with all kinds of creative people including designers, fine artists and entrepreneurs. Her goal is to capture on video the drive and talent of others for whom producing quality products, inspired innovations, or other artistic pursuit is a passion. This summer, Sue will create a series of short video profiles for her project, Riverhead Revealed, as an artist in the JumpstART Innovative Public Arts Project sponsored by the East End Arts Council in Riverhead, NY. 

Sue holds a BA from Tufts University in Social Psychology and an MA in Real Estate Development from the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at Columbia University.  She interned at KQED TV San Francisco and has worked for film and video festivals throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.  Sue has studied video production at FIT, Media Bistro  and DCTV in NYC.